During various upcoming cat shows you, as an exhibitor, will have the chance to have studio pictures made of your cat by Cat’chy Images! (scroll down to register)

AGENDA 2020:

  • 07-03-2020 DK Darak (Dragør)
  • 08-03-2020 DK Darak (Dragør)
  • 28-03-2020 Felikat (Klundert)
  • 29-03-2020 Felikat (Klundert)


Mini shoot (max half an hour) 5 poses:

  • portrait (head only)
  • sitting position
  • flattend position
  • side profile
  • glamourshot

Choice of background: black or white

For each of the poses you will receive the best digital version. If one of the poses does not work with your cat, you will get an extra from one of the other poses so you always have 5 photos. The photos will be post processed and you will receive them at the latest 28 days (unless stated otherwise) after the show digitally on a optimised resolution for digital use (website/social media). The photos bear the watermark Cat’chy Images on show (not to be removed).


Price: 60 euro (incl. VAT) for shows in NL/BE/LUX/IT

dierenfotograaf rotterdam, maine coons, kittensIf you desire to have one or more of the photos to be post precessed for high resolution, this will be possible at an additional fee of 12.50. Cat’chy Images gives you the opportunity to that photo printed on canvas or HD Metal. Prices and examples of the various finishes are present during the shoot.

Do you want two or more cats in the same picture, please contact me via for an amended price.

The number of shoots is limited, so if you want to be sure to have a spot it is recommend to make a reservation. Reservations can be made by filling in the form below (please note that you choose the right show).

Payment can be done cash or with bankcard at the shoot

Important: The shoots take place in one of the dressing rooms of the venue (if available). Whenever possible we prefer the owner of the cat to be present during the shoot, for a familiair face and voice increases the chance on a relaxed cat and a relaxed cat will be a better model. Grooming is the owners responsibility. For hygenic reasons, Cat’chy Images does not provide combs or brushes. The vinyl backgrounds and surface we work with are thoroughly desinfected after each shoot. We use the same desinfectant which is used on the judges tables.

Order and timing of the shoots will be communicated on the day itself. Examples of pictures? Click >>>HERE<<<


Application form

  • NOTE! Only for exhibitors!

Personal information (please use the name that the cat is registered on for show)


Information cat (in case of multiple cats, enter one here and the others in box below)