Low & High Resolution pictures

The impression / atmosphere pictures taken during shows are placed in online folders. By clicking on the name of the event you are automatically redirected to the correct folder. The pictures in the folder can be downloaded in low resolution by clicking using the download button under the image.

I really love it when you share the picture, but only in it’s orginal size (for I also don’t use a pair of scissors if I like your cat better without it’s tail). By tagging me and or Cat’chy Images you help me to increase my brand awareness. And… I would really appreciate if you LIKE! my facebook page and ofcourse if you take a look at the rest of my work on the website.

If you want a picture in high resolution with a small watermark, you can order them for a fee. Ordering can be done by filling out the form below (prices are listed at the show page). You will receive an invoice and after payment I will send the file using WeTransfer. Before sending I review the pictures for undesired hairs (on snouts) and smudged eyes. The pictures in High Resolution of Nomination and Best in Show will of course contain the original watermark.

Cat’chy images can have picture delivered at you home on Photopaper, Cavans or HD Metal. For a non-binding price quote please let us know the desired size and material.

2016-12-11 show Uitgeest

2016-11-26 show Herselt (BE) NOM

2016-11-26 show Herselt (BE) BIS

2016-11-26 show Herselt (BE) BOS/BEST4-10

2016-11-26 show Herselt (BE) Belgian Champion

2016-11-27 show Herselt (BE) NOM

2016-11-27 show Herselt (BE) BIS

2016-11-26/27 Show Herselt (BE) show impression

2016-11-13 show Rijswijk

2016-10-29 WORLD SHOW 2016 cats & cat people

2016-10-30 WORLD SHOW 2016 BIS CAT I

2016-10-30 WORLD SHOW 2016 BIS CAT II

2016-10-30 WORLD SHOW 2016 BIS house cats

2016-10-30 WORLD SHOW 2016 BIS CAT III

2016-10-30 WORLD SHOW 2016 BIS CAT IV